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‘A Western’ dates
November 2, 2007, 11:59 am
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Here’s some dates to put in your diary if you want to catch us performing ‘A Western’.

5th-6th December 07 at Leeds Met studio –

17th January 08 at Warwick Arts Centre –

22nd January 08 at Exeter Phoenix –

8th February 08 at Tramway Glasgow as part of NRLA –

12th February 08 at Alsager Arts Centre –

Hope to see you there xx

History update
November 1, 2007, 12:00 pm
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Thought it was about time we updated you on our History project. We have now received 224 responses which we think is pretty good going. We know that the Met police was established by John Peel in 1829, the baggies won the FA cup in 1968, man invented the wheel in 92,430 BC and Rache was born in 1986. We still need to learn 199, 776 years worth of History but we have time……..

If you didn’t see the show but you still want to help us learn all of history you can e-mail us ( and we’ll send you a stamped addressed postcard with a year on it. Find out what happened in that year, write it on the postcard and send it back.

November Discussion event
November 1, 2007, 11:39 am
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A month has past already!

This months discussion is on Spontaneity

A Residence Discussion Event

Residence is an artist-led organisation providing making space for artists to create performance, live art and theatre in Bristol.

*WHERE*: Horfield Police Station, 6 Sommerville Road, Bristol, BS7 9AA
*WHEN:* Monday 12th November, 7:30pm

Every month in the Old Horfield Police Station we provide a chance for artists and theatre makers to meet, chat, network and help build and strengthen Bristol’s performance community.

The topic for November’s discussion is “*SPONTANEITY*”. It will be an open and informal forum and a chance to get together and talk about issues that are important to you as an artist/audience member.

There will be free beer. (donations welcome!)

Residence are: Action Hero, Ed Rapley, Katie Keeler, Kettle of Fish, Michelle Roche, Lost luggage theatre, Search Party, and The Special Guests.