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Frontman at Inbetween Time, Bristol

So Frontman is almost finished. Our first showing will be at IBT on 4th December at 9:30pm

Its going to be at Circomedia, and we spent a day there last week setting up and playing with the space and the sound and it got us really excited. The piece has been on a really interesting journey and we’re really intrigued to see what happens when it meets an audience. Unlike our previous two shows our works in progress haven’t really revealed much of what will happen on the 4th Dec so a lot of it remains terrifyingly unknown but we think we’ve made the show we set out to make so we’ll have to just wait and see….

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we’ve experimented with some sound technology which we’re now excited about unleashing, its very simple use of some pretty lofi sound tech and an analogue synth but its something completely new to us! The performance will take place on a small bit of staging made from steel deck surrounded tightly by audience on three sides with Gemma spending most of her time up there with just a mic and some tambourines for company and me controlling the sound from behind. We’ve just got two weeks now to pull it all together and our focus is now on nurturing the meanings that have evolved from what we’re doing and refining the relationship between us and our audience in relation to that. So lots of working through the text and the staging and drawing out exactly what we want from the performance. I’ve also got to finalise which bits of wire plug in where and which nobs need twiddling when, and Gemma’s got a lot of text to memorise……

…..but tickets are available now so if you want to join us on the opening night then be sure to book

Making Frontman
June 2, 2010, 3:24 pm
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images by Finlay of Robertson

We see Frontman as the third piece in a series that started with A Western and continued with Watch Me Fall.

This is not for purposes of creating a ‘package’, but more an attempt to finish something we started. Watch Me Fall when it was finished  felt to us like a development of both the forms and themes we were exploring in A Western but not the final word. With Frontman we want to take these thoughts, ideas and expressions to their inevitable conclusion.

We’re still explorating notions of the ‘spectacular’ or the ‘epic’ and what can be achieved with a raw aesthetic and the collaboration of an audience. The attempt to create something that is emotional, challenging, threatening and beautiful, with cliché, banality and popular culture references. We will continue to borrow our form and content from live events outside of theatre and live art contexts, we will use verbatim text, we will continue to ask the question ‘what are our audience willing to do?’

Our starting points were:

  • Japanese noise bands
  • Frontmen
  • U.S presidents
  • The band ‘Lightning Bolt’ (particularly the track 2 morro morro land)
  • The audience standing in a circle around a solo performer (probably female)

Our current interests are:

  • The effects of volume on an audience
  • Smoke and lights
  • Noise as torture
  • Distortion
  • Iggy Pop

Frontman will premiere in December 2010 at IBT festival in Bristol.