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Tim X Atack on ‘Watch Me Fall’
February 16, 2010, 2:02 pm
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Tim X Atack wrote this nice piece about ‘Watch Me Fall’ at the Inbetween Time Launch in Bristol on the 5th Feb 2010.

Nobody touch him

Action Hero show Watch Me Fall, their brilliant paean to daredevil stunts. Whacked out on testosterone and diet coke, they chop up dialogue from mediocre b-movies about Evil Knievel and make poetry of the battered non-sequiturs he would mumble into the stadium microphone after a bad fall. They shout at the audience for doubting their integrity. They play loud music and slap each other about, Gemma Paintin kicking her cohort James Stenhouse in the head repeatedly. They set fire to stuff. It’s one great big over-hyped jumped-up lead-up to a spectacularly understated stunt, the principle components of which are a pushbike and a fountain of bubbling soft drink. It’s a portrait of a man’s world, where women are objects, and men are objects on bikes. It’s a cavalcade of stereotypes paraded up and down a strip that runs the length of the room, with the audience either side, snapping away on disposable cameras, becoming stereotypes themselves, whooping and clapping like seals. “MY NAME IS DICK CHENEY” shouts Stenhouse, “AND I WILL WALK THAT TIGHTROPE, ON THE MOON, IN A SACK, ON FIRE.” As the ‘Maiden Of The Mist’, Paintin lies on her back and is doused in a whole bottle of sugary carbonated gloop (which is horrible, on all sorts of levels.) “Why don’t they do that to the man?” asks someone next to me. And I think: because that would be part of a different show.